Philosophy Can Be Sexy
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The one with all the Russians
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Sleeping in the Cuckoo's Nest

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Smokin' Hot
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A night (not) to remember

A BlackBerry moment

Vodka, sex and dances with Cossacks

Sleeping with the mafia

A Dostoevsky mood

American beauty

The Messiah delusion

Hand-jobs and the full Brazilian

Polar attraction

Socks off

Thai hard, Moscow harder

Vodka cocktails (and other stories)

Bisexual in Bloomingdales

Spare rib

Come on, cavemen!

It’s all Diane Lane’s fault

The Sexiest of Them All

Cash Flow

Diplomatic opportunity  

Size matters  

Indecent Proposal

The outlaw Josie Wales

The Putin scale

Hop on the bus, Gus

Money for nothing

The Chipmunk Effect

Hit the road, Jack

Daylight saving time

The lonliness of the long-distance cheater


Harem Scarem

Toy boys R Us

Spy Game

Lady Chatterley and world peace

The stabbing incident

Bad in bed

Sisters, unite!


Some like it hot

No Country For Bunny Rabbits

When Only Coke Hits The Spot

Dorothy Parker in the ’hood

Reds under the bed

Who’s afraid of Bin Laden?

Monkeying around

Rich man, poor man

Why I hate Anna Karenina

Airplane angst  

Conversations with the afflicted  

Twist in my sobriety